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.Plan for Mhaddy
Date posted: 07/19/2004
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Updates, Updates, Updates...
In my last .plan, I mentioned that some big things were just around the corner for tJY. I even dropped a pretty big hint in the title of the .plan, "What's in Store for tJY". And just I said then, mid-June the first major update was released: the Junkyard Forum Store! Don't know what it is yet? Well, check out the news post, the forum post or the store itself to join in on the fun!

The third, somewhat minor update was unofficially released yesterday. In this forum thread, I asked for comments and criticisms on the latest scheme for the Junkyard: Earth. While it isn't 100% complete yet (which is why you haven't seen a news post about it), like I said before, read the .plans and you'll hear about things before they're widely available to the public ;). If you don't know about schemes yet, on the upper left-hand corner of the 'Yard, there is a little drop down box with several different styles (aka schemes) that you can view the site in. At the moment, they're mostly colour variations but coming soon (ah hah!) are actual layout alterations. Anyhow, check out Earth and hit up the comments thread to let us know what you think.

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