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Date posted: 08/09/2004
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August 9/04: It's Been a While
Wow. It's been a little over two months since my last .plan entry, and even though there probably aren't that many readers of it, it's good to have a chronicle of sorts to detail what I've been up to:

  • My little project, Oxygen, is almost up to Release 3 code. Releases 1 and 2 (called EWMS/EWMS2 for their initial concept) featured a rudimentary frontend that was statically coded. R3 when complete features support for skins and a complete backend, complete with administrator permissions. Release 4 will contain all features that are accessible from the frontend as fully functional (which means Articles and Quotes will have their code revised, as well as Profiles and Profile Editor), plus some interesting backend code. (Think about scriptable administration tasks that can be done automatically.)

    R4 will be released to a select audience for trial installations/uninstallations. After R4, I'm planning two more releases: R5 will be the "omg wow" release (with beta support for dynamic "hacks", or what Oxygen refers to as "modules";) and R6 will be the final release, where every "TOADD" listed in the changelog has been resolved or postponed.

    I plan to reset the version number after R6 and start back at 1.0.0.

    The problem with the code as such is that I have active content on that people would probably not like me to randomly lose. I do have a test server for this sort of thing, but eventually I have to make the changes and all of that. I'm also not looking forward to supporting this code; writing upgrade scripts based on what phpMyAdmin tells me I did is kind of poor and prone to failure. I'll deal with this once I get into more stable code.
  • Halo 2, Halo 2, Halo 2. With the Honeygate scandal going on, it was all kind of farfetched to think that "SPDR" somehow acronymed out to mean "single player demo release." Yes, I want the game as badly as the next person, but cranking out a demo before the actual game will seriously diminish the quality of the final product. Not only do Bungie have to manage to pull out an NTSC version, they don't have the few months that they had to convert the game to PAL (European TV display standard) for Halo -- because surprise, surprise! Europe doesn't get too much of a shafting!
  • I've been doing a few computer upgrades here and there. Weasel Shop has a set of 5.1 Logitech speakers on tonight, so that'll be it for me (well, maybe an iPod next month) until December. I'm also planning on putting Windows Server 2003 on my system because I no longer rely on XP to run Sony's crappy SonicStage2 program. Seriously, Server 2003 smokes XP for general responsiveness, and I can use it for a few more advanced tasks (like more than 10 connections to a fileshare.)
  • In personal news, Mhaddy, silver, CaptainBiggs and myself got together for an evening at my place in July. Fun times for all, and we got to know each other. Chances are a group like us never would have met up walking down the street or at the same party - but the Internet is the great equalizer. We're all into video games (some of the other guys really aren't too good at Xbox Halo, but are much better at DOA3 ;)) and it was really a great time. I'd like to meet up with you all again; and any forum member that's close enough so that I can visit on my E3 trip in a few years, I'll try and catch up with.
  • Deciding where I'm going with the rest of my life. I have a year left of high school (yeah, I'm younger than the other Staff here) and after that, it'll be interesting. I've often said my goal is to make it into Computer Science or Software Engineering. I know I enjoy programming, but I can't help thinking that maybe I'd be better off in a different technical role. It'll be challenging to make it into the SE or CS programs locally (mid to high 80's for CS; low 90's for SE.) I know I could be doing web design or IT or video editing or computer repair; but seriously I think the best job to have would be to work in games programming. With video editing, it's a thrill: you have a tangible product that you helped create, and that people appreciate. The same thing applies for games.

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