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.Plan Viewer: Charles 'grey wolf' Banas

.Plan for Charles 'grey wolf' Banas
Date posted: 11/25/2003
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So much Anime...
so little bandwidth.

oh, i'm having a dilly of a day. at work they had port 21 blocked... until something crashed the firewall and it had to be rebooted. i couldn't do some work because i (as opposed to anyone else) couldn't use port 21 for anything. so i couldn't get the libraries i needed, the compiler tools i wanted, or any of those niceities. i swear. sometimes i want to kick our "IT guy" in the ass and put him in his place.

ahh, well. on a lighter note, i finally got Dirty Pair Flash episodes 1-16 and Photon: the Idiot Menace 1-6 downloaded. God Bless alt.binaries.multimedia.anime.

and Ever told me about his school's network. oh, God, what a mess. ports open everywhere. insecure software being run on all the servers. windows, windows, windows. i'd be ashamed to hack it. ASHAMED.

well, anyway, i better get back to learning wxWindows. looks like it'll be fun to play with. ^_^

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