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.Plan for Jake 'ev98' Billo
Date posted: 09/07/2004
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back to school
Ugh. First day back and I feel like crap. Two math courses, a physics, and a monopolize-my-time comm tech course where all I'll do is video editing. Hopefully all the math work goes as well as it did tonight -- I actually 'got' most of the concepts, except for factoring imaginary numbers, which I should fix tomorrow.

Oh well -- we'll see what goes down for the rest of this week. This is my last year of high school so I'll have to pull great marks off, and ruin Neil, all in the same process. :)

Computer science or software engineering? Apparently there's like a 92% average requirement for the latter, but it has quite a few possibilities leading from it. Depending on the math marks, I'll have to... pull greats.

So you'll have to excuse me if I don't post that often lately -- starting tomorrow it'll be school, work, homework, sleep. Maybe I'll have time on the weekends to hit up some Halo 2 when it comes out. I've got a copy of the T:V beta, but I'm nowhere near looking at it. Probably what I'll end up doing is adding some stuff to as to my life and what's going down in it. eh.

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