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Date posted: 10/04/2004
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As Time Begins to Blur...
As you might have guessed from the lack of .plan updates, we're all quite busy here at the 'Yard. With most of us back into that learning facility that can be referred to as high school or university, it leaves little time to update these personal blurbs. In either event, here's my update from the last, oh, two months.

Sitekore has been steadily progressing. I've more-or-less gotten the backend in a state that I'm comfortable with, almost comfortable enough to release it. The frontend, however, is quite a different story. Many, many of the pages need to be rehauled with the new MySQL classes and "clean-up functions"; this is very tedious work, though extremely gratifying when you consider I've reduced some filesizes by up to 50% (don't ask). I have no new updates on release dates, so don't ask.

As many of you might have heard, I am now working on the Starsiege:2845 team as their new Web Developer. I can't go into too much detail right now as to my plans for their site, but you should see my work up in a month or so (give or take...). So if you see me a little more time-deprived, heh, you know where it's going.

Mad Dog Studios finally has a splash page up. I haven't gotten a site design worked out, that that'll come in due time. Now, I know some of you may be saying, WTF? .net? Yes, we've moved. Due to a f*ck up at Network Solutions, I was unable to move my domain to a cheaper registrar and as a result, I lost control of the domain and it was scooped up by a bloody bot. So, until I can work that fiasco out, Mad Dog Studios resides on a .net.

School-wise, I'm back at Ryerson University, second year of ITM. Work-load this year is substantially more-so than last year, though courses are much more to my liking: Law, Finance, Internet Applications Development, Telecommunications, Database Development, and Philosophy Critical Thinking. So hopefully the massive work-load and the favourable courses will even out.

A couple of my first year achievements:
  • I was added to the Dean's honour list based on my "academic achievement in first year".
  • I was invited to join the Ryerson University chapter of the Golden Key International Honour Society because I ranked in the top 15% of my Faculty (Faculty of Business). Membership is by invitation only, so I feel pretty special. More details on this as they unfold ;).

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