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.Plan for Jake 'ev98' Billo
Date posted: 10/19/2004
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Leaky Pipes: Followup
(This post is in response to some comments I've received about Leaky Pipes.)

Because I don't live in the States, (I'm in Canada) I'm not subject to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that's become so popular. I won't deny that I'm displeased with the way the RIAA is going after individual people. It's worth noting that in Canada, we pay a media levy on blank CD's, almost an invisible tax. (We also pay this levy on MP3 players and most other media/players that can store music.) What the levy allows us is unlimited first generation copies that can be shared. is a pretty good site that describes in much more detail. Again, the Copyright Board here has made no distinction of source, so that in effect making personal copies of music available online is all fine and legal in Canada until the courts rule otherwise.

My intent in the article, which probably was not as clear as it could have been, was that this is in *direct opposition* to laws against downloading software. Canada *does* have severe penalties for downloading games; so anyone thinking that they can get away with downloading Halo 2 for free is mistaken.

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