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Date posted: 12/08/2004
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Well I've been only been on the job for....4(?) days and I've already managed some screw ups. At the moment, my main problem has been getting aquainted with SITEKORE, the softeware that Mhaddy uses to maintain and change tJY. Despite my initial confusion, things are just peachy and I've managed to add the Badger to the SS:2845 section as well as writting a for SSX: 3.

For now my plans are simply to continue on becoming familiarized with SITEKORE as well as writing reviews for several other games including: KotR, Fable, Soul Calibur II, StarSiege, Mario Power Tennis, Thief: Deadly Shadows, and Morrowind: GotY edition. Relating to SS:2845-

1) See if I can't get some quick interviews with the staff
2) Glance through the SS:2845 section and see if anything needs adding/revising
3) Either create a gallery for some of the community submittals we've had or at least put up some links.

No telling when or if I'll get any of that done since I'm really busy, but hopefully by the end of the month I'll have finished at least the SS: 2845 stuff

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