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Date posted: 12/16/2004
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A lot's changed.
A lot has indeed changed since September. My life has gone steadily downhill or uphill, depending on what you look at. On the horrible end of things, my Geometry and Discrete course is pulling my average down, and I'd rather not retake it. I have to make a 70% to qualify for entrance at Waterloo, and the minimum admission average for CS Co-Op is low to mid 80's. I think I can attain that, but we shall see. I figure it'll all work out in the end.

On the positive side of things, I've once again taken the opportunity to do computer upgrades. My Staff page now reflects the most accurate information about my rigs; and after Christmas promises to be a good time for my on-the-side PC repair business.

Oxygen, my pet CMS (tech demo here) is continually improving from the backend. My testing server now has Downloads implemented from the frontend, which was a feature back in EWMS 0.01 that I never got around to resurrecting. I liked the idea I had back then to perform streaming music downloads with an alternate action=STREAM link; it created an M3U playlist on the server with the URL of the music file, allowing Windows Media Player or most other clients to buffer the file.

This time around, I think what I want to do is create a "shopping cart" of sorts, where a user can select multiple songs and then choose "Create M3U" to have a custom M3U file beamed right to their PC. The other option I'm thinking of would be to create a web frontend for large files (like uncompressed videos) or collections of files in a folder, and have a batch job of sorts connect to a custom server. Overnight or when there was little usage of the CPU - if coded right, this could be sent to another one of my rigs - jobs would be processed and videos compressed, folders ZIPped, and a temporary download link created. It'd take a couple hours for the file to be queued up to a user, and then an email would be sent out with a download link. The situation's not practical for anyone without a home server, but for me it'd be worth the few hours of code.

On my school front, Neil the netadmin has been sneaking around, banning all instances of the word "proxy" in any URL. As someone who relies on the wonderful CGIProxy script to access sites banned by the fascistwall, I was slightly irked. My solution was to rename the file to "nph-pr0xy.cgi". This worked for about a week until "pr0xy" was mysteriously banned as well. As I noted on ev98 earlier, how's nph-google.cgi, pissant! :)

I need to learn C++ though and revisit Java; I've had a little too much recent exposure to Visual Basic, which has already "mutilated my mind", and PHP's the easiest thing around to ensure I don't get sloppy with my code. Java is horribly slow for any practical desktop application; this is why my recent Communications Tech project used VB (as I don't have to wait ten minutes for the JRE to load, and my specs call for the app to run on any system capable of Access '97.) C++ would be good but I doubt I could have pulled off the same amount of code in the same time (about an hour per weekday for a month.)

Oh, and Halo 2. It finally got here. And boy, was I irked at the end of the game. The logical Bungie fan in me wants to think "they have a reason for doing this; they could only fit so much story into a game; they obviously intended a sequel", but the pessimistic, sarcastic side of me thinks that this was Microsoft's command. 5 million copies within a month of release. At $60CDN a pop, that's serious income and it's also a start to a sales weasel's biggest wet dream: Xbox Live, with its monthly or annual recurring revenue stream. And for good reason: Halo 2 without Xbox Live verges on impotence, because Xbox Live is implemented so well within the context of the game.

Finish your fight, Master Chief. Do it before Xenon's around (although unlikely: another good reason for a third sequel.)

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