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.Plan for IVIaedhros
Date posted: 12/26/2004
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dragonspit interview and afterwords
Since my last .Plans entry, I've been fairly busy with SS:2845. Most of my activity has been the result of my open interview with dragonspit. That consumed quite a bit of time in the planning and actual execution. The interview itself began shortly after the designated time, but I had a major snag in that dragonspit was not there. Though he would show up later, I had a major snag that I really couldn't fix on my own and a good chance that everyone would just up and leave the open interview. Thankfully, several other staff were present, in fact, I was only one of two nonstaff for a while. The other staff, which included Trajan and Chemeleon, answered all questions for a good while and later on even more staff and community members arrived. The interview officially ended at around 10:30 Central, though there were still people asking questions when I left. In the end, I have plenty of excellent information to put up on tJY. At the moment, it's simply a matter of transfering it to out new computer then editing it. Overall I would say the interview went quite well, especially since it was my first time, but I did screw up. For one, I didn't bother to see whether people would prefer IRC or the ClanCore's chat. More importantly, I scheduled near a major holiday and I think that killed any chance of a large audience, which is what I was hoping for. I was very lucky that the other devs showed up and stayed as long as they did.

Things I plan on doing

1) Keep SS:2845 news current
2) Edit and get interview posted
3) Finish or at least get through most of the community gallery
4) Work on some reviews

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