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Date posted: 12/28/2004
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And it's GOOD!
Well, in my last update, I was in the middle of my finals for this semester and I mentioned that I was freaking out over my exams. I made it out alive, thankfully, and I managed to pull off some pretty decent marks too (schematics):
  • Finance: B
    • After the finance exam on the friday, I wanted to shoot myself. I thought I had failed it for sure -- you know that awful, gut-wrenching "I feel sick" feeling? Yeah, I had that.
  • Database Applications: A+
    • I knew I smoked this one ;).
  • Telecommunications Technology & Applciations: A
    • I knew I did well here too.
  • Internet Applications Development: A+
    • I actually correted the teacher on several occassions throughout the test: there were errors in the logic of some of the code that we had to write!
  • Business Law: A-
    • I went in with an 89% or so, but like finance, after finishing the exam I felt sick. Heh, either I smoked it or they bell-curved the crap out of it :D.
  • Philosophy: Critical Thinking: A
    • I love philosophy. This is my third course in philosphy (the first was Plato and the Roots of Western Philosophy: B+, and the second as Problems in Philosophy: A-), and each time it has been a truly enlightening experience. I highly recommend these courses to anyone taking liberals.

So my CGPA actually went up from the end of first year. Now it's sitting at a pretty 3.67. I'm pleased.

In other news, Mad Dog Studios finally has a new site design up. Back in October, I mentioned that I threw together a splash page for the site so that at least there was something. It took almost three months to find the time, but a preliminary design has been put together. While I don't think it's final, I definitely like the overall look and feel. Once that's complete (which should be in no more than two weeks or so), I will continue my work on a new site for Sitekore, which will be moving to the MDS domain once things are live. The project development site is constantly going up and down as I implement some major changes in the code; greatly affecting how Sitekore operates. It is because of these drastic changes and the huge amount of information that tJY has in its database, that newer versions of Sitekore will not be running on tJY. Until I can find the time to put together an enormous upgrade script and do a great deal of testing, tJY will be running on a heavily modified Sitekore 2.1.0 engine.

In tJY related news, the results for our Write a Poem to Bungie contest are in. They will be posted at the end of the week for added suspense. As IVIaedhros mentioned a few days ago, his dragonspit interview will be posted in a few days time as he works through formatting. Expect a few more SS:2845 exclusives from tJY in the coming weeks.

You might also have taken a look at the recent Operation: Matriarchy preview that was posted two days ago. More previews (and reviews) are on their way -- with Ryerson out of the way [for now], I have a little more time to devote to gaming and such. If you've been snooping around our forums recently, you might have noticed that Annie Oakley has been populating our Starsiege Editing and Scripting Archives forum with posts from the old board. This is truly a great resource to all those in the Starsiege (and Tribes) community. More items are continually being added to the forum, so check back often to see what's new.

What's more, you might have noticed that the post icons and header for the aforementioned archive forum are a wee-bit different from the others. Well, I've begun the arduous task of customizing the forums to suit their respective games. Little by little over the months, new images and schemes will be added in hopes to bringing more activity and life to the forums. If you've got any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

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