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Date posted: 01/11/2005
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Shoes off
With the completion of the SS:2845 fan galleries I have finished basically every project that I wanted to do when I started this job, so all I have left is to simply keep up with 2845 news and maybe add some new material to the fan galleries occasionally. I was thinking about writting more reviews, specifically for Thief: Deadly Shadows and StarSiege, but what I did get done on them was frustrating and didn't leave me satisfied enough to put anything new up. I think I personally will not write an SS review, though Thief and maybe a few other titles are still up for grabs. Perhaps I'll simply wait until there's nothing left to do with SS:2845 and then I'll focus solely on reviews, if only to give my continued existance at tJY purpose.
On a slightly more personal note, I'm really quite happy that things have settled down with the tJY, since my work (I do set-up at a local church, and I work for LifeTime Fitness) has returned to a normal pace (it slowed down in Christmas) and I'm still trying to fit in mountain biking and rock climbing whenever possible. Combine all that with my usual 2hr workouts and school, and I don't have much time for anything else. School takes up plenty of time, but while it's not as easy as I would like it to be for my senior year, it's certainly not hard either. Here's my schedule (each class is 90min and I have them each day)

1. English 4
2. Government
3. French 2

English 4 is what worries me the most, because it looks like there won't be a shortage of stupid projects. Government is a wild-card: I'm with a coach who really takes what is usually a blow-off seriously. He seems fun at times and he doesn't really give any useless work, but he also loves this little work book just a little too much and as a result, I think I 'll end up doing a lot of worksheets.

Oh well ;)

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