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Date posted: 02/18/2005
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I'm a happy camper!
With 2845's announced move to the Torque engine and the benefits entailed, I have never been so excited about a game. Things seem to be going into warp drive over at the 2845 site and I couldn't be happier with the extra work that this provides, not only here, but at the 2845 itself. With the release of the new site, there's now a whole slew of concept art that I've never seen and I'm looking forward to adding that to tJY as soon as I can. Moreover, I'm in the works of cooking up another open staff interview or something akin to that. The other SS:2845 sections are still being occasionally updated as welll, so keep an eye on them. I will usually wait until I've made several updates before putting up a news blurb about them so new content will often go unnoticed for months on end. Hopefully the effects of the transition will die within a month and the new staff and engine will allow for a much quicker development pace. Everyone is working hard and, judging from some entries into the staff journals, there's be a few 24 hour shifts pulled. None of this will really change the work I do, but it is making it much more interesting.

On a different topic, I'm still working on cranking out reviews. I've taken a bit of hiatus after finishing Thief: DS due to some college preparation that needed to be done, but my schedule is clearing up again and I'll soon be able to get back on track. I'm currently working on a review specifically for the Game of the Year expansion provided for Morrowind. As usual, I know what needs to be said, just not how to express it.

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