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Date posted: 03/10/2005
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Back to normal, whatever that was
Now that all the hub-bub from the engine switch has died down, my work in 2845 has slowed down to it's usual steady ambling pace. Since I no longer have to concentrate on searching for important updates, I've been able to concentrate on updating various small bits in the 2845 that had been out of date. Lots of pics and little factoids needed to be changed, deleted, or added. Nothing too exciting at the moment, though Trajan said a little while ago that tJY would be recieving some exclusive video footage of the upcoming ATR, so be sure to keep your out for news updates. Besides all the 2845 stuff, I've also been working on writing more reviews. I mentioned before that the hard part is saying what you already know and for whatever reason, it took me way longer than it should have to finish the Morrowind: GOTY down to where I want it. I'm currently working on a review for StarWars: KotR II. Hopefully that will go a little smoother eh?

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