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Date posted: 04/11/2005
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6 more weeks baby!
With roughly 6 more weeks left until 2845's ATR is released, one might have expected that there wouldn't be much for me to cover. The devs are totally concentrated on finishing the deadline and much of the work is coding, which doesn't make for great news. However, with the new pics provided by Trajan for 2845's 2nd anniversary and the renegotiated contract with Vivendi, there's been plenty for me to wrap my hands around. Be sure to check the news section of tJY every week or two and see if there's any 2845 related news. With the ATR coming closer, we are also getting closer to tJY's exclusive video footage Mhaddy and I have been drooling over for the past several weeks. Hopefully tJY's server is up for the bandwidth strain because there's a good chance it'll be freakin' humongus.

As for myself, there's not much to report from my last .plans entry. I've been content to mountain bike and rock climb and so far I've been able to keep school down to a minimum. While it's been a constant annoyance combined with my two jobs, nothing has come up that's actually given me a headache. As long as I pass everything high school is basically a done deal for me. College is another issue. I'm waiting on reply for a 10,000 scholarship that should be coming in this week. If I get it, then I have the first year of college payed for and all the time to save up and plan. If not, then my only fall back is student loans and that could really suck. Either way I plan to work a lot during summer and continously hunt for more scholarships to help pay for tuition and whatever other expenses crop up.

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