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.Plan for Jake 'ev98' Billo
Date posted: 11/25/2003
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What Goes Up Must Come Down
As some of you know, I repair computers and computer components as a freelance job. My business is getting pretty popular lately, and 99% of times I'm able to fix something to people's satisfaction. I'm thinking about starting up a database to deal with the influx -- just something simple with PHP/MySQL, something that I can show my design skills off with at school. I don't even need to learn encryption, as I can use a .htaccess directive and control users that way. (Users being me, myself and I...)

But today I had no less than three strikeouts. First was my failure to locate a file for my old school's secretary. Windows was not wanting to show it, and I couldn't retrieve it from the depths of beyond. Of course, these people haven't heard of Shadow Copy, and "It was there just a second ago, and when I went to print it again, it was gone!" doesn't help me too much.

Secondly was the saving of a MS Publisher file on the same school's principal's laptop. For our board, this beast is like the Holy Grail, and Publisher XP wasn't having any of my efforts to save, even to C:\. "Out of disk space" was the order of the day, and I couldn't copy and paste because it was "out of memory". Lies.

I attempted to go to Clipboard Viewer to clear it but MSPUB.EXE took his newsletter down. Another unsatisfied customer.

Finally, the last strikeout was with some equipment of mine. My HP Scanjet 4100C doesn't like any other OS than Win98, and it's damned determined to prove it. The scanner head takes too long to warm up so the driver times it out. I have no patience for this, so it's probably new scanner time for me.

I hope tomorrow goes better though.

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