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.Plan for Jake 'ev98' Billo
Date posted: 04/13/2005
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And Now For A Quick Update
Wow - it's been quite a while since I've sat down and written an update. I know there are at least a few visitors, so having said that, here's what's new in my life.

A few of you know I have some moderate ability with various kinds of programming. Just last weekend I was in a coding competition up at the University of Western Ontario. Our 4-man team placed second out of 33 teams, qualifying us for the provincial level (that's the nerd equivalent of going to "state" for the Americans out there) in May at York University. It'll be a much greater difficulty, but I have full confidence in the team; even if we don't win anything significant, it'll be the first time our school will have won anything at a "greater than board" level, and the first time that any school from our board has gone on from the "area" level for coding.

Right now the biggest timesink for me is Oxygen, a weblog/comment framework that is beginning to get quite a bit of traffic (shameless plug: A lot of features and changes to the site have been inspired by how my "testers" have used things; we had a little incident of drama back about a week or two ago, so I'm working on implementing a better system for comment moderation.

Personal life is interesting... midterm marks are coming up (we don't really get midterm exams here) and after my last, extremely challenging semester, it's been nice to focus on English and Religion. I've additionally opted to retake the "ICS4M" credit, which should slightly improve the 93 I got last year. I've already got early acceptance from Wilfrid Laurier University, so now I'm hoping that the University of Waterloo will send me some news within the next short while - U of W is my definitive first choice.

That's all for now - hopefully the next update won't be so long in the making!

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