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Date posted: 05/04/2005
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Ah so many interview and too much time...
When I finished the KotR II review I suddenly found I had nothing left worth reviewing. All the games I could have made legit commentarys on were too old or too obscure to bother with. I've been wanting to buy Guild Wars because of some rave reviews I've been hearing at the ClanCore forums, but my pocketbook convinced me that it would be better to suffer the lack of gamage in the interest of saving I was like: Well now what do I do? and then it just clicked. I wouldn't have been surprised if the proverbial lightbulb appeared over my head. I would do a bunch of interviews! So lately I've been sending out questionnaires to all the 2845 staff I first thought of. Hopefully I'll get a few more of the staff to fill the stuff out while not getting snow-balled myself. Things have turned out fairly well, what with Tsa Rye and SleepyBrightEyez successfully being interviewed, though I'm beginning to get bored with the whole buisness. Personally, I'm waiting for an opportune chance to have another Open Staff interview/live chat and, of course, the final releases. The first one did alright: it came close to disaster. However, there were not nearly as many people (staff and fans) as I would have liked and my planning could've have been much better so I'm looking forward for to another go at it. This time I'll try to coordinate better with people's availability and instead of using the ClanCore java chat I'll simply use IRC. With luck, these changes will convince more people to show up and I'll get a good transcript to stick up here. As for those final releases, for the first time since I started following this project they're starting to feel close. Combine that with the usual senioritis and you'll understand that I can't wait for summer to get here.

Things to watch for
*New SS and 2845 related site links going up
*More interviews
*ATR video footage
*The actual ATR!!!

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