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Date posted: 05/12/2005
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An Unscheduled Update
Second year at Ryerson is over. Actually, it was over on April 18th, officially, but I've been a little preoccupied with other things to update my .plan. In either event, grades were released and my CGPA went up, again. I'm not sitting pretty at 3.75, up from 3.67 last semester. Grades are as follows: Management Accounting (A), Microeconomics (A-), Introduction to Entrepreneurial Behaviour (A), Systems Analysis and Design (A), and finally, Introduction to Network Technology (A+). I'm pleased.

I'm just about done my second week at Royal Bank of Canada. A lot of people have asked what exactly it is that I do there and in actuality, I have several roles: a Business Systems Analyst, a Technical Systems Analyst, and an Applications Developer. The first two weeks have been somewhat slow as logins had to be created, and documentation had to be read, but I've got my second meeting with my Project Team tomorrow, so things should pick up after that.

I never did find the time to put together that Hell Forces preview that I spoke about earlier, but I'm hoping to have something special put together by the end of the month, so look out for that.

I am also very pleased to report that the current state of affairs on the forums have drastically improved over the last month or so. Forums traffic is still a little slow, but I'd rather have the quality over the quantity. But, hopefully things will pick up in the latter part of the month.

I also must apologize for the lack of news and overall amount of items published at the 'Yard in the last, well, while. As I mentioned earlier, I had been busting my nuts with finishing second year of university and starting a new full-time job takes a lot out of you. I also must apologize for the delay in responding to emails. It's been, on average, three-to-four days between emails checks for me simply because I can't find the time to sit there and write back. I'm hoping that as I get settled at RBC I can get into the usual swing of things – but we'll see.

Thankfully, IVIaedhros has been earning his figurative pay and keeping up with the SS:2845 news while also publishing a number of exclusives. We're still waiting on that elusive ATR footage – which should be 'on the horizon' about now – as IVIaedhros has pointed out. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to watching that. By the same token, I'm also very worried as to what it'll do to our bandwidth, heheh. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, though.

I'm working on something special for tJY, which I hope to have released in about a month's time. Naturally, that ETA is give-or-take a couple of weeks, but given the recent lack of activity in the gaming communities, I'm really pushing to get this released on schedule. Let the guessing games begin.

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