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Date posted: 06/16/2005
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Guild Wars, my first MMORPG
Well, according to many people Guild Wars isn't really a MMORPG. That however, hasn't stopped me from throwing away hours of my life on this game and I've loved the experience so far. I can only hope SS:2845 is at least up to par with GW, because one of the main reasons I bought this was to tide me over until the ATR comes out.
At the moment I've been concentrating only on the role-playing portion of the game and not the player vs player part. While Guild Wars has been touted because you can jump right into PvP, I don't feel like it simply because you have to unlock most of everything through the role-playing. Once I've earned everything or once I get bored, whichever comes first, I'll start playing PvP in earnest and join a competetive guild. Also, once I feel that I've experienced the game enough to where I can accurately report impressions on it, I'll stick a review up here on it. *Gamal Vadae is my current online name so stick me on your buddy list ;) *

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