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Date posted: 09/26/2005
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Secrets Revealed
That something special that I've been mentioning for quite some time now has been partially released. The Starsiege:2845 Quick Search Tool, which was released two weeks ago, is a little tool that I created as a one-stop resource to all of tJY's 2845 content. It features quick links around tJY and the community, as well as a fully indexed, searchable archive of all of our 2845 content. The next version of the tool, currently in the development, will have refined search results and allow the user to search multiple archives at once. In future versions I hope to include the ability to search other websites, but the logistics of that still need to be worked out.

The next part of the 'something special' is a new site design for tJY. I figure we needed a face lift as our current designs have been around since mid 2002. The new design isn't quite ready for public release, but those of you who read my .plans can get a sneak peak. In the upper lefthand corner of your screen, you will see a dropdown menu... select Reborn. It is still in its testing phase, so while I am pretty confident with how it works, there are still minor bugs that I need to hammer out before its public release. And not to worry, if you don't like Reborn, you can select the other schemes from the dropdown menu and continue to use those instead.

And what would a new site design be without a matching forum scheme? If you visit our forums and scroll to the bottom, there is a new dropdown menu... select tJY Reborn. Please leave any comments or constructive criticisms in this thread.

So that's what has been keeping me busy around here. In the next few weeks, you should see some new blood around here as we're currently in the process of hiring a few new Interns to handle game coverage and offer additional reviews / previews. Buuutt... that process might be slowed down if the 2845 ATR gets released this week (which it should ;)).

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