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Date posted: 11/14/2005
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What's this?
A new .plan's entry? "Impossible" says you? Well apparently I am still alive and kicking, though I haven't had much to write home or here about. 2845 continues apace ie very slowly, but it's still going at least. Hopefully we'll see that ATR sometime around XMAS eh? As a result I haven't had too much cover, though I have had some interesting times digging up misc. material to post and also getting the word out about tJY by cross linking to other sites. There have been some highlights though. Watching that brief "controversy" errupt over at the 2845 boards about the ATR was one. Ya know, where several people were getting impatient and there was a huge thread about why the ATR should be released and things went back and forth and rummours were born..and then Trajan got on from his hurricane nuked house and stomped the whole thing. I found it rather amusing how quickly everyone went into "WE'RE NOT WORTHY!" mode, but a nice result was we now get regular build updates about the ATR. Lets see, and the second thing was a brief spat between myself and Sun and Shadow's dude/StarSiege guru Maestro. Apparently he and a couple others were upset about the SS Reference Collection File because I never mentioned S&S...I still fail to see how that is related to Sun and Shadows, but they did manage to open my eyes about how lax I was being in copyright and courtesy issues. My main role here is really as an archivist of sorts so I would basically go out and grab everything I thought was interesting and stick it up at the 'Yard. While I always gave credit to the creator, I occasionally forgot to stick in a link to the original site and I rarely asked permission since 1) I wouldn't care myself 2) It's up on a public website with nothing saying I shouldn' yea, I received a small and well-deserved beating for those issues, but everything turned out alright. I end up the wiser and tJY is no longer at risk of plagiarism or any related least I don't think so. ;) Final thing was working with -NTFD-TheHammer and Symlodon to give tJY a bit more to offer for the non-English crowd. For a while now I've placed a high priority on the importance of knowing more than one language and I was very pleased to get the Uber-FAQ translated into both German and Dutch, along with certain pages from the 2845 section into German. Hopefully we've started something cool...not only giving tJY a greater audience and power, but also extending 2845 to places where it might otherwise not have gone. I'm hoping to eventually spearhead an effort get a text translation of the game...that's provided it comes out before I'm dead :p

Moving on, my first year at Indiana University, Bloomington has been flying by. The days can be long, but the weeks are just speeding by. Ranger Challenge is now over so I have some more time to sleep and get my grades up. Our contest went well, BTW. My team finished 3rd out of 20 something. We did really well, but made a small mistake in each event and it added up. I'm still training nearly as hard...harder in some cases, but I now my schedule is much more flexible so I can get homework done early enough to where I can sleep. Finite Mathematics (probabilities and limited resource problems for the most part) has been giving me a lot of grief. Last official update I was sitting right at a 70 (C-) so I was in a perilous position to say the least. Thankfully, I've managed to bring my grade up a bit and stay awake in class. I even was able to pull off a perfect score in my last exam...I was pretty pysched about that.

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