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.Plan for Charles 'grey wolf' Banas
Date posted: 11/27/2003
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Ahh, for the love of Pete
Oh, how I wish I could get the IP addresses of all these damned teamkillers and badmouth lamers.

One thing Bungie should have done about their servers: BANNING. Here's how it should work: When some dumbfuck TKer joins and starts killing his mates, then on the 5th kill, he gets booted. If he rejoins, 5 kills gets him temporarily banned. Say, just ban the nick and call it good for a few hours. If his IP returns and starts TKing again, ban his fucking IP address. And then unban after say, a month.

That'd teach those fucks. Ahh, but if only Bungie would do that. Or Gearbox for that matter. I have no love to teamkillers or the like.

OK, enough bitching. For today.

Anyway, I was talking to Chuck (Tru7h) a few days ago about his IRC client. Since he's on a Mac, he wants a better IRC client than the ones he's found. So, I took it on myself to start writing an IRC client. Ugh, I'm not looking forward to getting the Mac port done, but I can't wait to get the IRC stack set up. I've been spending most of this time learning how to use wxWindows so I could start on it.

So far, wxWindows is looking as nice as Longhorn's "Indigo" and "Avalon" but less gay. I'm liking it. And not only is it as easy to use, but it's actually more portable. I can actually write code once and have it run on ANY platform! It's heaven!

*Ahem*. Yeah. I'm actually in a good mood.

Oh, and if you're wondering how my Thanksgiving went.... Let's put it this way: My extended family is about as friendly as the fucks I mentioned up at the top. So no, I didn't have Thanksgiving dinner. I gave thanks for not being around any dumbfucks and assholes. :)

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