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Razer Boomslang 2000
Razer Boomslang 2000
Posted by: on Tue Dec 26th, 2000 at 6:05 AM
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Genre: Hardware
DeveloperKarna / Razer
Release Date: 0-0-0

Their Slogan, "This is not your mother's mouse." is just about as accurate as it is cool. With Razer's Boomslang 2000, you will be fraggin' almost as frequent as your kid brother picks his nose! The mouse features several cool items such as on-the-fly sensitivity changing, massive DPI, 4 times the amount of instructions per second as a "normal" mouse, and a ton of other stuff as well. Don't let the awkward spelling of Razer fool you, these developers know their mousing shiznit. If you can't tell from the date on this review, My new favorite mouse was also my favorite Christmas present.

With the Boomslang 2000's "on-the-fly" sensitivity scroll wheel, you can change the mouse's responsiveness in the heat of battle. Say you and a bunch of friends are playing a game of Tribes and you have to up the sensitivity of your mouse so you can get that perfect snipe. All you have to do (with the default button settings, not to mention that this bad boy has 5 buttons) is press the thumb button down and scroll the wheel. As you do this, your friends are all sitting there missing their shots and under-aiming their projectiles. There are 19 sensitivity ratings, 1-10 including the .5 increments, which let you grow into your lightning-fast mouse's resolution of 2000 dpi.

Oh, how I love gargantuan resolution on a mouse... let me count the ways! With 2000 dpi, compared to your average mouse's feeble dpi's, it only takes a few centimeters of movement on your part to cover the whole screen with your mouse. What does that mean? It means quicker kills, easier headshots, and for your pervs out there - faster pr0n thumbnail accesing. The boomslang makes use of a state-of-the-art optical system consiting of prizms and lasers which determine the mouse movement. The system reads the information off of the rollers that the ball moves on, thus making movement of the mouse easy (unlike the Intelimouse IMHO) and still retaining the precision of a laser.

The Boomslang 2000 operates at an incredible 6 MIPS (Millions of Instructions per second) while a standard OEM mouse does about 1.5 MIPS. That's 4 times the computations completed per second by the mouse alone! This, coupled with an option of a PS/2 or USB connection makes the mouse and it's drivers fly like one of Santa's reindeer on steroids.

Kärna also had ergonomics in mind while designing the exterior features of the Boomslang series. The low profile of the Boomslang lets you rest the heel of your palm on the mousepad/table while you move the mouse with your fingers and thumb (because that's all you need to move the cursor across the screen). The buttons have a rubbery cover to them so that you never loose grip, even with greasy McDonald's fingers like I have as I'm writing this Review. They are also strategically placed so that you can reach all 5 (including the wheel) without much movement.

The only bad part about this baby is it's price tag, $99.99 USD. But if that's really that bad to you then you probably arent a Hardcore-enough gamer to really want one. The Razer Boomslang is by-far the most advanced mouse of it's or any time. If You play games but still can't seem to get that edge over your opponents that you need... Go out and get yourself one of these. Or if you're as lucky as I am, you will get one for a present one of these Days!

Fin: Final Thoughts:


  • Great Design and Feel
  • Amazing Precision
  • Made For Gamers


  • Expensive
  • Can Break Easily
  • Not Produced Anymore

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