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Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Posted by: Mhaddy on Sun Dec 23rd, 2001 at 7:00 PM
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Genre: First Person Shooter
PublisherID Software
DeveloperGray Matter
Release Date: 0-0-0
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InViZ: I'll be taking care of the multiplayer portion of this review, whilst Poseidon and Specter take over the single player segment. So, without further ado... Return to Castle Wolfenstein, multiplayer style.

Multiplayer Multiplayer

RTCW is the sequel to the game that basically started FPS gaming, Wolfenstein3D. For 10 years, gamers have dreamed of the next Wolfenstein. For 10 years, hype has been built up. I am here today to say one thing: The hype hasn't been for nothing. Wolf has captured several thousand players already, with competition already starting on several ladders. At the moment I am typing this, there are over 700 servers. The game has yet to be out a month.

What would I compare Wolfenstein to? Wolf is a lot like Counterstrike and Days of Defeat - a Realistic First Person Shooter. It is also like Team Fortress in that it is class-based. Each class is necessary on every mission. Engineers destroy objectives, Lieutenants call in air strikes and artillery strikes and distribute more ammo, Medics heal, and finally the Soldiers have access to the heavy weapons. None of the weapons are "original" - they are all real - but each one is important and useful in almost every single map.

The multiplayer aspect is simply incredible. While not providing the over-the-top realism of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, RTCW provides players with a fast-paced, balanced game that requires teamwork. The teamwork aspect of RTCW is as important as any of the games in the Tribes franchise. If a team does not have a balance of every single class, they will not (and cannot) win on any mission. Surprisingly, I have not run into any difficulty with this on public servers. Unlike Tribes 2, the teamwork in RTCW seems totally natural. Lieutenants call in air strikes, soldiers give covering fire, and finally the engineer plants the device. While not exactly as easy as this, it just goes to show that the teamwork in RTCW is absolutely painless.

There are three game types in RTCW - Stopwatch, Checkpoint, and Objective. Stopwatch mode sets a time limit to complete your objective - like destroying a particular Anti-Aircraft Gun. After the time limit is over, or when the objective is destroyed, the teams switch sides and play again. Checkpoint mode can best be described as akin to the Capture and Hold mode in Tribes, or Unreal Tournament's Domination. Teams receive points for capturing and holding flags. The final mode, Objective, gives the team a set objective to complete. The three game types are each extremely fun to play.

RTCW came with seven maps out of the box. The truth of the matter is, most of the maps combine several of the game types - giving the Wolf player a unique experience on every map. After playing all of the maps through several times in the last few weeks, I have to say that every map was well thought-out and built for fun. There are very few weaknesses in this department - other then the relatively small number of maps in the box.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is one of the best first person shooters I have ever played. Combining speed, teamwork, and realism, RTCW gives the gamer the total FPS experience. This game definitely gets my "PC Game of the Year" award.

The wait is over, folks - and it was well worth it.

Single Player Single Player

DISCLAIMER: Any discrimination or slurs against nazi's or Germans written or implied throughout this review are completely coincidental and in no way will the Junkyard or its Staff be held responsible. This review, though it contains factual information about the game is presented to you in a comical debate and is meant to be taken that way.

Poseidon: Hey guys, it's Poseidon.

Specter: Hey guys, this is Specter, a local forumulite and friend of Poseidon's. We're here to review Gray Matter and ID Software’s latest title, Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Pose: I have been waiting for this game since the day I heard about the online multiplayer test. Even though it was only one level, it sure was a taste of great things to come.

Spec: Ever since I heard about a sequel in production, I’ve been following it's progress on Gamespot, watching the videos and viewing the screen shots. When I first saw the particle fire effects from the flamethrower it blew me away!

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