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Louis Wu Spotlight

Louis Wu

Posted by: Mhaddy on Mon Aug 19th, 2002 at 12:49 PM
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Louis Wu
Name: Claude Errera

Moniker: Louis Wu

Sex: M

Country of Residence: USA

Favourite Games: Halo, Marathon (I play UT and Deus Ex on occasion, as well... but the two Bungie games are the ones I come back to.)

Gaming Roles: Hmm... not sure what this means. I like to host lanfests - so is 'host' an acceptable answer? :) I don't actually PLAY games enough to have a niche, if that's what the question is about... (too much time updating gaming websites to actually play a lot :()

Gaming Rig(s): Xbox, Mac (G4/Dual 1GHz/1.5 gb ram/GeForce4mx)

Gaming Groups/Squads/Clans: HBO Junkies - if you can call them a 'group'. Past that... nothing, really.

Favourite Sites: Hmm. Anything Bungie-related... but that's probably not what you meant. I like Red
and Penny Arcade... Slashdot and MacSlash when I have the time... and Google. I like Google a lot. :)

Hobbies / Activities: These days, not a lot, outside work and family. I study Tangsoology (an offshoot of Tang Soo Do), and have been for 2 and a half years now. Black Belt is... maybe 4 years away or so. (Maybe less, but I doubt it - I started pretty late, relatively speaking, and some things just take me longer. ;)) Workouts are 3 days a week, so I suppose that counts as an activity.

I ski in the winter, and scuba dive when I'm somewhere nice...

Accomplishments / Achievements: Guh. Lessee... I made it past 35, does that count?

I spent 3 years in Guatemala in the late 80's, teaching farmers how to build fish ponds as a Peace Corps volunteer. I met my wife there (she was a volunteer too), and when our kids were pretty young (1, 2, and 4) we left on a 2-year, around-the-world trip. Southern hemisphere, mostly - we picked areas that we didn't think would be there in 20 years. Came back, settled down near the grandparents, and started up a webhosting/web design company. It's small... but I don't need to do any advertising; it's all word-of-mouth. Clients usually come from other clients (which tells me I'm doing something right - or maybe I'm just not charging enough...).

My kids are all still alive - how about that, does THAT count?

I run I hope THAT counts. ;)



Nope, nothing there. Sorry. :)

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