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Katana Spotlight


Posted by: Mhaddy on Thu Nov 28th, 2002 at 3:56 PM
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Name: [Redacted]


Moniker: Katana

Sex: Male

Country of Residence: United States of America

Favourite Games: Earthsiege, Doom, One Must Fall:2097, Subspace, Final Fantasy series, Outpost, Cyberstorm, Total Annihilation, F-zero, taiege, etc you get the idea.

Gaming Roles: Leader, follower, whatever the situation requires.

Gaming Rig(s): An old POS P2 with a geforce 2 that I intend to upgrade before Doom 3 comes out.

Gaming Groups/Squads/Clans: New Terra Defense Force, My squad, my creation, my baby. my one and only.

Favourite Sites:,,,,

Hobbies / Activities: Writing, reading, firearms, siegin

Accomplishments / Achievements: Writing Official Fiction for the Siege Universe, having the opputunity to set up the Eathsiege Era in fiction, founding the NTDF, getting the NTDF to play an integral role in the SS Storyline, helping to build the SS community, working on the Players Council.

Blurb: "Future Battlefields Await..."

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