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Posted by: Mhaddy on Thu Mar 20th, 2003 at 3:23 PM
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Name: Brother S. Curtal


Moniker: Crux Fidelis

Sex: Not allowed, as I am a member of the Catholic order of Benedictine monks. ;)

Country of Residence: God bless America.

Favourite Games: Halo, of course. I also have a significant predilection for video games that embody the struggle of good overcoming evil. As a monastic I am more or less 'classically' trained, so I play a good deal of chess, bocce, and nine-man's-morris.

Gaming Roles: My calm demeanor and reserved attitude seems to constantly cast me in the role of referee. When I am permitted to take a more active part, I usually concentrate on defense.

Gaming Rig(s): All I have is an Xbox, a 400 MHz Packard-Bell PC, and my trusty old Mac IIci.

Gaming Groups / Squads / Clans: As far as playing Halo goes, I mostly associate with the HBO Junkies. I am also a member in good standing of the St. Bernard abbey bocce team, 'The Rolling Stones.'

Favourite Sites: HBO, without a doubt. The St. Bernard Abbey website (, where I work and live. Santi Beati (, where you can vote on who you think the patron saint of the internet should be ( Last, but not least, any page about Umberto Eco (

Hobbies / Activities: Mostly my hobbies revolve around tracking down obscure trivia for Louis Wu. For example, Louis recently referred me to this website ( which seems to hold some kind of garbled message about a Halo edition of GURPS. In the mundane world I spend my off hours tending garden and advising students at a local school.

Accomplishments / Achievements: I would have to say I am most proud of the good work I did in Guatemala from 1984 to 1994. Interestingly enough, this is where I met Louis Wu and his lovely wife-to-be. I remember fondly the time he and I spent together teaching local villagers to herd goats and farm. Louis also honored me by allowing me to join him and his fiance in holy matrimony. Good times, indeed.

Blurb: Illiud Latine dici non potest.

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