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-1313-Evil_Homer Spotlight


Posted by: Mhaddy on Tue Apr 1st, 2003 at 2:45 PM
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Name: Teddy Pierson

Moniker: -1313-Evil_Homer

Sex: Yes Please

Country of Residence: North America

Favorite Games: Well my first choice has to be Battlefield 1942, duh! But before that I was mostly a hard-core Flight Sim guy. I also enjoy survival horror console games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Mr. Pants Excessive Overkill for Quake III is also one of my favorites. But when I was younger I was really into Donkey Kong!

Gaming Roles: Mostly web stuff & Design and some beta testing. My latest roles have been Webmaster/Director of PlanetBattlefield, Intel-42 and Tales From a Dead Soldier. I was also a beta tester for Battlefield 1942.

Gaming Rig(s):
Custom Built
Dual Athlon XP
640 MB RAM
SB Live Platuim
GeForce4 Ti & GeForce3 Ti
80 GB Raid
Dual 19í Flat Screens
Logitech THX Surround Speakers
MS Sidewinder Pro Joystick
A bunch of big ass fans!

I have a few other computers, but would be a waste of space to list them!

Gaming Groups/Squads/Clans: [GSI] GameSpy & [PBF] PlanetBattlefield

Favorite Sites:

Hobbies / Activities: Home Theater & Car Audio, listening to music like trance & death metal, Computers, Graphic Arts, musical instruments and Karate. Almost forgotÖ I also enjoy tending to my plant life.

Accomplishments / Achievements: Waking up every morning & staying alive. But my greatest accomplishment to date has to be PlanetBattlefield. I have basically spent all my time developing and running this site for the past five months. Most people do not realize how much work goes into such a site. Luckily, Iím not a real person; Iím actually a collection of neurotransmitters & microprocessors connected and controlled by a small dog-named Homer. Iíve done other stuff but itís to boring to mention. Oh yeah, I once tied my sneakers all by myself.

Blurb: Nothing says, "Obey me" like a bloody head on a post.

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