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Michael 'Fluffy' Karlsson Spotlight

Michael 'Fluffy' Karlsson

Posted by: Mhaddy on Tue Jun 3rd, 2003 at 7:10 PM
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Michael 'Fluffy' Karlsson
Name: Michael Karlsson


Moniker: Fluffy

Sex: Male

Country of Residence: Sweden

Favourite Games: Of games that I play I must say Vietcong. But my heart belongs to Halo.

Gaming Roles: I'm the offensive guy. I don't have the patience to just sit around in the corner and snipe. Not that I'm a bad sniper (in my own opinion) but I just lack the patience.

Gaming Rig(s): A P4 2000Ghz, 512MB DDR Ram, 80Gb HD, Geforce 3 64Mb GTS. Also have some older PC's going back as old as C64, but no consoles.

Gaming Clan: Clan [BGH] - The local clan over at the Battleground: Halo Forums

Favourite Sites: Battleground: Halo ( which I'm the site-director of. Other than that I visit some of the other Halo-sites and some Swedish sites.

Hobbies / Activities: I'm studying quite a lot of Web-Design which also has to do with the Halo-Community since I apply all my new-found knowledge there. Since I'm in my late teens (18) my life is involving a lot of parties and I spend a lot of time with my friends. Skiing is also a big interest.

Accomplishments / Achievements: Tough one. I was a part of the regional Handball-team in the year of 2000, I'm the main-founder of a multimedia-education in my school. Other than that I'm quite proud of what me and my partners have done with Battleground: Halo and what it's about to turn into. It has a great potential.

Blurb: Don't eat the blue pills.........the red tastes much better.

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