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Posted by: Mhaddy on Sun Jun 8th, 2003 at 1:58 AM
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Name: Max Dyckhoff


Moniker: mad.max or The Dwarven Bar Defender.

Sex: M

Country of Residence: United Kingdom.

Favourite Games: Myth, Halo, Marathon 2 (naturally :)). TimeSplitters 2, Splinter Cell and Jetset Radio Future on XBox. Haegemonia, Warcraft 3, SimCity 4 on PC. Just downloaded the Breed demo and it looks really very sweet. Also looking forward to Brute Force for XBox with great anticipation.

Gaming Roles: Hum, an interesting one. I tend to opt myself for small, precision insertions that need to be timed well and cause a lot of damage. When I played in the Myth World Cup (2000? Not sure...) I used to take a couple of ghols to flank the enemy positions and make some explosions. When I play Halo in teams I tend to provide much covering fire with pistol and sniper rifle while my teammate burns ahead in a vehicle or with a rocket launcher. Works rather well :)

Gaming Rig(s):
Old G4 Mac: Pop-pop, Uplink and other frivolous games

XBox: so much juicy goodness

PC: homemade 1.6 Ghz Athlon XP, GeForce 4200 Ti and all the trimmings.

Gaming Groups/Squads/Clans: Member of the Original Halo group, the Pax Nimbus. Sort of folded in on itself before Halo was actually released, but I'm still in contact with a bunch of the members and we had some excellent times together.

Also a founder-member of Subnova, the fansite for things that don't suck. We grew out of the Bungie community to provide a safe environment to chat and discuss things both game and non-game related. Its a great place and if anyone fancies a gaming site which doesn't talk about games very much, go and check us out :)

Favourite Sites:
Subnova, of course.
B.Org, the Other Site.
Gamespot (they provided lots of E3 goodness this year, I feel I have to acknowledge them a little :))
Megatokyo, Penny Arcade and MacHall - the best humour on the web.

Hobbies / Activities: I'm a final-year student (at University), so I don't have a vast amount of time or money to do anything amazing. I read a lot of books, watch a lot of films and go to the many pubs in York with friends to drink a lot of (real) beer. I'd just like to recommend an author for you all: Lois McMaster Bujold writes fantastic science fiction novels. There's a series of about 10 or more books based around a guy called Miles Vorkosigan - absolute must reads.

I cycle pretty much everywhere I go, and I like walking in Scotland; my family has a little cottage on the banks of Loch Hourn (West Coast) which we
visit. No electricity, running water, phone, TV or radio reception, and no neighbours for 5 miles in each direction. Not to mention the lack of roads
for 5 miles around. Absolute bliss.

Accomplishments / Achievements: Well, I've (almost) managed to finish a 4-year degree without dying of exhaustion, overwork or alcoholism, and that's pretty impressive. I've also managed to keep a girlfriend who likes me for the last 3 of those years, who puts up with my gaming habit. That's quite an accomplishment, I reckon :)

I also set up the Halo SETI Marines back in 1999, and we've increased in size and return vast amounts of results. No Covvies found yet though. I've also managed to stay the least-well known old-schooler in the Bungie community, being present at pretty much every major event in the Bungie world, and not being recognised by any randoms. I'm quite pleased really :)

Blurb: I'd just like to say how awesome the Halo community is, and the Junkyard does a great job of supplying news, views and reviews of that and more. Halo 2 is going to kick some serious ass: I can't wait to see how the community adapts to what's coming.

Favourite quote: "Miles, I am not a mushroom." "What sir, kept in the dark and fed on horseshit?" :)

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