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Bluestone Spotlight


Posted by: Mhaddy on Fri Aug 8th, 2003 at 12:19 PM
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Name: Will Beddow


Moniker: Bluestone

Sex: Male... I think

Country of Residence: UK

Favourite Games: Halo (Obviously!) Anything where you have to shoot stuff! Racing Games- e.g. MM3

Gaming Roles: Erm... In Halo I'm usually a Sniper, but I like attacking enemies with the RL using brute force to take 'em down

Gaming Rig(s): Xbox, PC (1000Mhz AMD Athlon)

Gaming Groups/Squads/Clans: Maybe forming a Halo Clan in the not too distant future... :)

Favourite Sites: Well... Got hundreds, but I'm not going to bore you with all of them, here are some of my big favourites:

Truth and Reconciliation -
My Site :) -
My Other Site :) -
Utfoo - Hmmm... not sure of URL
Flashkit -

Hobbies / Activities: Well, If playing my Xbox 24/7 is a hobby, then thats my main one. I design websites for people and get a bit of dosh. To be quite honest, I really I don't do much at all... Sorry!

Accomplishments / Achievements: Hmmm... Well, I've lived to see my 15th Birthday.

Things to Say: Thanks to all who have helped me do whatever I'm doing. Thanks to Bungie for a ledgendary game. Thanks to my friend Matt for help with 343GS.

One final note: Don't Eat Yellow Snow

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