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Joey Locke Spotlight

Joey Locke

Posted by: Mhaddy on Thu Aug 14th, 2003 at 9:48 AM
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Joey Locke
Name: Joey Locke


Moniker: CobaltNova. However, in the heat of Halo competition opposing players in a fit of confusion have at times called me 'Nova, CasaNova, CobaltBlue, and "You-filthy-rocket-whore".

Sex: Hmm, sieben? Acht? Excuse my confusion; I didn't realize this interview was going to be in German.

Country of Residence: United States of America

Favourite Games: I've only played 3 video games in my life: Halo, Tecmo SuperBowl, and GameBoy's Tetris. I honestly feel that I was one of the best Tecmo Superbowl players in the world. (I could score 113 points in a game.) Then I experienced a brief but intense love affair with GameBoy's Tetris where I reached the 13th level and scored 130,000 points once (in Malmo, Sweden of all places). Right now I'm completely focused on Halo for the XBox.

My favorite game type is King of the Hill (team and FFA) as well rocket games such as the Halo Royal Rumble. My favorite game styles are 2 vs. 2 or FFA.

Gaming Roles: My enemies would label me as a GD rocket whore with no talent who rides the coattails of my superior partners. My friends would categorize me as a resourceful player that manages to think his way to the top of the standings as opposed to muscling my way there. Both are true.

Gaming Rig(s): One XBox complimented by a digital 27" Sanyo television. Six parts Dolby digital 5.1 surround sound and topped off with GameSpy and XBConnect software. Throw in several Ethernet cords, a Hawking Technology Ethernet switch, and a Sony Vaio computer to taste. Mix together for Halo goodness.

Gaming Groups/Squads/Clans: We have a chapter, coincidentally entitled CobaltNova. It's a nice group of people and we're flattered that so many out-of-state members have joined us since it was originally started to be a chapter where we logged the history of our local AZ LAN parties. Of course we have the CobaltNova PC Halo League, which will hopefully be as closely knit a group as our Bungie chapter. We're looking forward to it.

Favourite Sites: (Real world news.) (Halo movie databank.) (A 2vs.2 tournament.) (An excellent community site.) (obviously)

Hobbies / Activities: I'm on a Masters swim team, which is for old people (old people are those that are more than 19-years of age and not swimming for a collegiate team). Of course spending as much time as possible with my girlfriend is a hobby in itself. Finally, I'm in love with talk radio and I listen to it probably 12 hours a day. Politics, comedy, sports, the paranormal, law, and finance are the major topics of interest to me. My favorite all-time talk show hosts are/were: Matt Drudge, Phil Hendrie, JT the Brick, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Adam Corrola & Dr. Drew, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Handel, Mike The Sports Pig, and Art Bell.

Accomplishments / Achievements: Well there are personal accomplishments and community accomplishments. My personal Halo-related accomplishments are listed here, in the CobaltNova Hall of Hump. My community accomplishments are summarized in our history page, which can be found here. Winning the Halo Royal Rumble twice in a row, hosting the Running Riot Invitational Trilogy, being mentioned on, and being interviewed by the Junkyard are my accomplishments I'm most proud of and most humbled by.

Blurb: I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for interviewing me. It is an honor to be selected and I'm as much bewildered by it as I am grateful. My final comment is to invite everyone interested in purchasing the PC version of Halo to checkout the CobaltNova Halo League and see if you would want to participate in our 2 vs. 2 leagues where we intend to combine the structure of professional sports with the excitement and unpredictability of a local LAN party.

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