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Joel 'Gruntsbane' Casebeer Spotlight

Joel 'Gruntsbane' Casebeer

Posted by: Mhaddy on Sat Aug 23rd, 2003 at 8:26 AM
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Joel 'Gruntsbane' Casebeer
Name: Joel Casebeer


Moniker: Gruntsbane

Sex: Male

Country of Residence: United States

Favourite Games: Halo, Fallout 2, and XCOM. Those are kind of old, but still play em once in a while. Halo 2 when it comes out along with anything else Bungie has up its sleeve.

Gaming Roles: Generally in Halo I like to use stealth as much as possible and ambush people with grenades. Hiding behind your teammates works really
well too.

Gaming Rig(s): Xbox, Gamecube, PC (1.7 GHz AMD Athlon)

Gaming Groups/Squads/Clans: The chapter 'The A-Team' is a group I play LANs with when they hold them.

Favourite Sites: Obviously anything Bungie: and is great and I visit and for a good laugh. Oh yah and :)

Hobbies / Activities: Slow internet connection keeps me playing online so a variety of single player games, going to Halo LANs once in a while, and lots of drawing.

Accomplishments / Achievements: The Halo Babies comic strip would be the biggest achievement worth note. Although I also have some cool art at under the name Covenant.

Got anything else to say? Favourite quote, saying, note, whatever is on your mind. At 2 AM I usually dont have much on my mind. Bleh.

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