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Posted by: Mhaddy on Thu Nov 20th, 2003 at 1:48 AM
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Name: John Shutt


Moniker: TankRamp

Sex: How much do you charge?

Country of Residence: USA

Favourite Games: Halo, Super Mario Land, Doom, Knights of the Old Republic, Vice City, Space Invaders, Ms. Pacman and Soul Caliber 2

Gaming Roles: Sniper, because I can see the field and command better from that position.

Gaming Rig(s): Nothing to speak of in the way of PCs, but I have a stable of consoles. You name it, I got it.

Gaming Groups/Squads/Clans: The Make Stupider a Word Clan -{MSAWC}-, helping to make "stupider" an acceptable adjective for future generations. I'm also a part of Clan BGH, but that's mostly honorary, as I don't have much time for competitive gaming.

Favourite Sites: Battleground: Halo is of course the coolest site in this universe or any other, parallel, perpindicular, or otherwise. Penny Arcade, Homestar Runner and MacHall all deserve shout-outs. And of course, all the other fansites, the Junkyard,,, Subnova, Red vs. Blue, Halo Babies, and the mother of 'em all, HBO.

Our ultimate goal is to grow BGH up to the absurd standard set by those Halo lunatics, and I think we've been making some progress of late. ;)

Hobbies / Activities: Rugby, writing, football, gambling of all sorts, video games, acting, vegetating, and building more powerful nuclear weapons.

Accomplishments / Achievements: I came in second in the Guess the Release Date contest of course, and got an honorable mention in the UI contest ("This Spartan do not eat." was my submission. I honestly feel I could have done better, but hey, getting noticed by Bungie at all is reward enough!). Anyone could tell you I've easily made five times the number of news posts as every other staffer in the history of the site combined. I could go on tooting my own horn, but I'm modest enough to leave it at I'm just simply the greatest human being ever.

We might as well stop reproducing and clone me over and over, as I am genetic perfection. Bow down. ;)

Blurb: Hmm... Well, I read Kirsten Dunst saying in Entertainment Weekly today, "I really admire her balls. That's something I need to grow." That's about as funny a quote as I could hope to come across.

Thanks for inviting me to be in the spotlight, and thanks for buying me a copy of Halo PC and a sound card (2nd place in our Halo contest -Editor). Real friendly of you all. :) I guess I'll just recommend BGH forums and MacHall to readers and call it a night. Hopefully be hearing from you again soon, perhaps to announce another contest win? That felt pretty good the first time around. Cya soon.

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