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Steve Campbell Spotlight

Steve Campbell

Posted by: Mhaddy on Sun Apr 4th, 2004 at 11:12 PM
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Steve Campbell
Name: Steve Campbell


Moniker: cortana_one

Sex: Male

Country of Residence: United States

Education: masters degrees... music composition/music education

How would we know you: to Claude I am the oldest!!

Favourite Games: Pathways Into Darkness..Marathon 2:Durandal

Gaming Roles: I am always the spearhead. Very rarely do I camp. I am always the one that is trying to be the first one there..and if there was worth anything..I would be rich by now!

Gaming Rig(s):

Been a Mac user since 1987. I have about 8 Mac's. 2 I use on an everyday basis, the other 6 are sitting on the network as servers for the Forerunners/Cortana Users. I own three gaming machines I recently build my game box which runs on a ASUS SK8V MB, Athlon 64FX Processor, 1 gig of RAM, ATI 128meg Radeon AGP, DVD RD ROM, CD RD ROM, 2 120 gig SATA hard drives, 6 controlled red/blue fans that change with the amount of heat in the machine. 4 Neon Green Cathode's . This machine is simply the fastest that I have ever had. Of course I built it for Halo! It also has a Flower Fan Controller, Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum. Sony 19 inch flat panel and Microsoft bluetooth wireless keyboard/mouse.

I have another machine that is close to this one in description that is a Yellow Xoxide Scorpio X. The only difference is it runs a Athlon 64 with a MSI K8V MB. On the Forerunners Network 4 of our servers are modded machines. I started modding computers in the fall of 2003. I got sick and was very bored and found out that it was cheaper to built a PC then it was to build a MAC. I am still a MAC user and always well be. We plan to open a computer modding section at Forerunners soon to show our boxes to the world. One of our sponsors is the Xoxide company. They are one of the biggest modding companies around.

Gaming Groups / Squads / Clans: There is a Forerunners Clan, just not time to do anything with it. This summer Forerunners is going to sponsor some great things in the Oklahoma/Texas region!

Favourite Sites: Mac Central, Gearbox Software, YesWorld, Halo Junkyard, Rampancy Net, Gary's House of Wacks, Marathon Bungie Org, HBO

Favourite Book: Windows Server 2003 Pocket Edition

Hobbies / Activities / Interests: Buidling Mod Machines, Running Community sites, Rebuild Cars

Accomplishments / Achievements: In the music world, way too many to mention. In this world...some really nice "kudos". I will always remember them!


Yes..I wish to get one thing straight. I have had emails about this and many and I mean many, have asked me concerning my place with Bungie Org and my history with community, etc.....very briefly this is how things worked.

1996Opened Marathon HyperArchive Midwest
1997Merged with Marathon HyperArchive Northwest..helped Simon Brownlee run it whilst Claude was gone on his world tour
1998Oni Central opened and I started to update and run Marathon Org
1999 / 2000End of 99 Bungie Org opened. I registered and owned the domain. It was a group of 5 of us and we had a blast. It fastly turned into something that we didn't plan on. I ran out of money and after Hamish and I had opened Blam... which is now HBO, I decided to take a break and gave the domain to Claude Errera. Yes I had registered and paid for the domain the first couple of years and you know, I still get Bungie Org stuff from NetSol. lol!!!
2002Forerunners Org
2003Cortana Org in partnership with Gearbox Studios

So..those are my short 8 years on the net. I know that there are some really good detailed stories, especially during the very first few months of HBO. i still have the first website and then the next two that we used. Craig Mullins was nice enough to give me some images and that's what we used for HBO at that time.

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