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David 'Narcogen' Josselyn Spotlight

David 'Narcogen' Josselyn

Posted by: Mhaddy on Thu May 20th, 2004 at 6:32 PM
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David 'Narcogen' Josselyn
Name: David Josselyn


Moniker: Narcogen

Sex: Yes

Country of Residence: Kazakhstan

Education: MA Journalism, Syracuse University. BA English, Merrimack College.

How would we know you: I've been on the news staff of Bungie fansite since shortly after it was renamed (it used to be called "The Core"). I've been the Webmaster of since shortly after Tyson "Ferrex" Green was hired by Bungie to work on Halo. It should be noted here that The Library is not Ferrex's fault. I'm also on the Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan and Grand Master of the Tien Shan Hash House Harriers but I'm guessing most people don't know me because of those.

Favourite Games: Halo, Morrowind, Marathon (Aleph One these days), Myth. Used to play a lot of Unreal Tournament, but now I don't. Used to subscribe to Lineage, but left when I realized I couldn't play enough to justify the monthly fee (although it was fun). The Baldur's Gate games on the Xbox (as well as the Fallout game that uses the same engine, which I just bought) are also cool because my wife and I can play together on the same screen. We also play Halo in coop mode, but that's only really fun with an LCD projector and a big wall-- otherwise the view is just too small.

Gaming Roles: In PC Halo I like driving the Warthog, especially in CTF games (except for Timberland, which I hate). In Halo PC demo games, I like performing solo flag captures while everybody else kills each other. I also like manning a Ghost in KOTH games on Gephyrophobia. Oddball games are nice too. Anything but Slayer, basically, because in those games I mostly play the role of Target. I tend to run off without adequate preparation, basically. I don't like or bother with powerups. So I guess that's why I like driving-- I can't fire a weapon while I'm driving, so it doesn't matter whether or not I bothered to go pick up a good one.

Gaming Rig(s): 1 Ghz Titanium Powerbook. Oh, and an Xbox, of course, which I recently opened up to blow the dust out of. My wife has a locally-assembled PC with Windows 2k on it. I bought her a GeForce card for her birthday last year (which, believe me or not, she appreciated) and a copy of PC Halo for so we could play deathmatch with each other over a LAN. That really hasn't happened much, since playing against me tends to just make her "overly aggressive" let's say, so we stick to coop games.

Gaming Groups / Squads / Clans: I used to be a member of a group called the Pax Nimbus that was formed after Halo's initial announcement. The group itself petered out awhile after the Bungie buyout happened, but many of its members are still around. =PN= did have a team in the 2000 Myth World Cup, in which I was proud to have participated, if only in the most mediocre possible way-- an unsuccessful flanking maneuver in BC Trow and a successful, but ultimately meaningless, ghol pus attack in Terries Winter. (I hope I remembered those correctly, because if not I'm sure somebody will go and dig up the filmz.)

I'd love to be part of a Halo or Halo 2 clan or order, but so far the best ping I can get from this country to the United States is about 300 ms, and that's from the office, not at home.

Favourite Sites: HBO, Penny Arcade. MacCentral, MacInTouch, AtAT. Slashdot, and, of course, my own sites, and

Favourite Book: Wow. Tough question. For a long time it was The Lord of the Rings, although now that sounds like a bull**** answer because of the movies (which I think were pretty well done). LOTR was my bedtime story when I was about eight or nine years old. Now I'd have to say Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace. It's about the same size, perhaps longer. I like books heavy enough to prop open an industrial strength security door, or else long series of books. Asimov's Robot, Empire and Foundation series come to mind, as well as Tad Williams' Otherland books.

Hobbies / Activities / Interests: Aside from gaming and other computer-related activities, I enjoy skiing when I have the time (there are a few good slopes at one resort here). I took up ice hockey when I was 19 years old, but haven't had a chance to play in the nearly five years since I came to Kazakhstan. I also play tennis, although some people are telling me now that if I really want to succeed in life, I have to start playing golf, which I really don't want to do.

Aside from that, there's the Hash House Harriers, which despite what many may guess from the name, has nothing to do with any illegal substances at all (except in those countries where beer is illegal). The HHH is most often referred to as a drinking group with a running problem, which is fairly accurate. They meet on a regular basis (we meet weekly) for a short run (4-8 km) and then eat food, drink beer, and have fun.

Accomplishments / Achievements: Got married last Sunday to a beautiful, wonderful woman I love, and managed to avoid having her family kill me with vodka during the celebration. Finished all three Marathon games.

Blurb: Rampant for five years... next Wednesday. Special thanks to all those who are, or who have been, Rampant in the past five years: Ferrex, Noctavis, Fractalus, SiliconDream, Acrappa, vector40, Kevin, Mallory, and others so numerous I've probably forgotten to mention them. Special kudos to Ferrex for getting mentioned in the Halo credits and manual (even in the PC and Mac versions)! Special thanks to my wife, for tolerating my Halo and fanweb habits and even joining in the fun when she can-- last year we practically stepped right off the tarmac after 14 hours of international travel and went directly to the AYBE LANfest after meeting my parents, and I'm still alive, so that's pretty cool.

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