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Sean 'korman00' Cooper Spotlight

Sean 'korman00' Cooper

Posted by: Mhaddy on Sun May 30th, 2004 at 11:59 AM
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Sean 'korman00' Cooper
Name: Sean Cooper


Moniker: kornman00

Sex: Male

Country of Residence: Texas, USA (No, I'm not a steer nor a queer :p)

Education: HighSchool (going into my juinor year)

How would we know you: I'm the AI Tools programmer for Supreme Conflict: The Enna Wars (SCEW). I'm also a little whacky on the SCEW forums. Check out The Kornner, and you'll see what I mean.

Favourite Games: Halo, Halo2, SCEW

Gaming Roles: Defense! *STOMP STOMP* Defense! *STOMP STOMP*. O yes and sniping and being a driver in Halo. Watch out, or I'll run your arse over.

Gaming Rig(s): PC: Dell Workstation, Win2k, 256MB RAM, 128MB ATI Graphics card, 1ghz PIII, CDRW 8x, 20in Dell monitor. And 2 Xboxs and both PlayStations.

Gaming Groups / Squads / Clans: My clan KORN, I'm the only member though :. O, and the unoffical SCEW dev clan.

Favourite Sites: (Thanks for hosting us tJY!),,,, and

Favourite Book: AI Wisdom Series, by Steve Rabin.

Hobbies / Activities / Interests: Programming with C++ and C#. Game developing. And Halo.

Accomplishments / Achievements: I'm one of the only original SCEW devs that got recruited back in November of 2003 or whenever. I've passed every grade I've been in :p

Blurb: We got to take the power back! - Zack de la Rocha.

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