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Ryan Thompson Spotlight

Ryan Thompson

Posted by: on Sun Aug 29th, 2004 at 1:43 PM
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Ryan Thompson
Name: Ryan Thompson


Moniker: Synide

Sex: m

Place of Residence: memphis, TN

Education: half of a cs bs, graduated valedictorian @ halo skool of ownage

How would we know you: founder, operator of haloTV , maybe you've even seen my halo videos @

Favourite Games: i try to get into other games, i buy all the hot new ones, especially fps's, but always default to halo

Gaming Roles: I am the guy who always runs in uninvited and kills several people before falling victim to my own nades, or a well placed rocket to the foot. If im out of nades or rockets, I can't be stopped.

Gaming Rig(s): modded xbox (xblive banned, not my fault) for general halo/naked doa volleyball/sometimes naked halo tom-foolery, awesome translucent green "halo edition xbox" (unmodded unbanned xblive rig), and for haloPC/CE: sony viao 2.2 ghz, 1 gb ddr, radeon 9800pro aiw (necessary for >30fps)

Gaming Groups / Squads / Clans: cooked Gamers for haloPC/CE soon to be H2 ownage. 2nd place @ CPL Summer 2004 ($11,500). I didn't get to play at the CPL, but I feel that my presence at the event is what led the team to their underdog (seeded 16th!) victory, simply because I personally molested a teammate everytime they died.

Favourite Sites: HBO,,, if hbo runs out of content, which i don't think is possible.

Favourite Book: I read half of the first halo book before I realized I would rather be playing it.

Hobbies / Activities / Interests: halo, its all i do, and im content. Of course there are lots of things with halo, like haloTV, MLG events, making videos, judging videos for airplay, etc. most things i do revolve around halo. in the words of my friends, "i am pathetic." but in my own words, i am happy.

Accomplishments / Achievements: in real life: being engaged to the most beautiful girl in the world. 30 on my ACT so i could go waste 2 years at college for free.
halo: haloTV spawned out of the competitive haloPC community, which is very negative. No one believed in haloTV, but when we broadcasted our first match LIVE, it blew people's minds. We will do that again. We are still in our infancy, but it feels like we've already come a long way, with greener pastures in sight with the deuce arriving, and support picking up for the site.

Blurb: I am very proud of what I have created with haloTV, but I couldn't have done it without the support of people like rapture, dirtyJ, Loren Judah, sillybean, marmot, and everyone watching haloTV. Stay Tuned!

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