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Matt 'DefconFunk' Krull Spotlight

Matt 'DefconFunk' Krull

Posted by: Mhaddy on Wed Sep 1st, 2004 at 10:32 PM
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Matt 'DefconFunk' Krull
Name: Matthew Krull (pronounced 'cruel')

Email: Anyone who wants to chat can just drop by the SS:2845 forums and PM or e-mail me through there.

Moniker: DefconFunk

Sex: Male

Country of Residence: Canada

Education: Just entering my 4th year of Computer Science Honours at Carleton University.

How would we know you: If you:
Talked to me online: the handy dandy title of 'DefconFunk' differentiates me from most people out there.
Saw me in class: I'd be one of the guys asleep at the back of the class trying to learn via osmosis.
Met me in a bar: I'm usually the only guy wearing a kilt in any given bar. That tends to make me easy to spot.
Any other situation: Listen for the loud mouthed geek. I'll probably be the only one talking about swords and computer hardware in the same sentence.

Favourite Games: Starsiege, MetalTech: BattleDrome, and Mission Force: Cyberstorm are all big hits with me. I still play them from time to time. Wing Commander 3 and Privateer also see a lot of screen time on my old Dos box. Half-life (specifically the mod "FireArms") is the FPS that has stayed with me the longest.

Other games I really enjoy: Halo PC, Doom 3, Soul Caliber and Rez (both on the Dreamcast), Tribes 2, Freelancer... I enjoy a lot of games.

Gaming Roles: I tend to snipe. Nothing is more rewarding than being called a sniper whore, or accused of using an aim-bot. I am a very patient gamer and can hold a position for a long time waiting for some clean shots. Naturally I'm also accused of camping. In Tribes and Tribes 2, I can't snipe to save my life, so I tend to stay back and repair the base. That or take a tank and see just how many Heavies I can run over.

Gaming Rig(s):
Primary: Athlon 1.8ghz (2500xp) running at 2.4ghz 512mb DDR 333 Ram ATI Radeon 9500Pro
'Guest Machine': (for visitors who want to join in the fun): Athlon 1.4ghz (1700XP) 512mb PC133 Ram MSI Geforce 3 VIVO
'DOS Box': Pentium 100, 32mb EDO Ram, S3 Trident video card, Dos 6.22 (King among DOSes)
Sega DreamCast

Gaming Groups / Squads / Clans: None. I was part of a squad way back in the MW2: Mercs days, but that was a looong time ago. Aside from firearms, I don't really spend a ton of time playing any single game online, not enough to join a clan at least.

Favourite Book: Just one? Jeez, to choose is so cruel... Anything by Ben Bova or Robert A Heinlein is good. 'Starship Troopers' and 'Tunnel in the Sky' (both by Heinlein) hold special spots in my heart. The best book I've read recently is The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum. Much better than the movie, which says a lot since I really enjoyed that movie.

Hobbies / Activities / Interests: I am an incredibly eclectic person. I have three passions in life: Making things, Mountain biking, and swords. I'm pretty poor with my hands, so making things for me tends to be coding, sketching, or animating (Nifty fact: Doug Wood of Valve, as well as Shawn Sharp, Ian Christy, and about half the StarSiege art team taught me how to model and animate in 3D Studio Max. I used that knowledge to take 5th place at a provincial animation competition back in High School. Not bad considering I was competing against college students trained in the art...) I was never good at team sports as a kid, but now I mountain bike every chance I get. I'm a big fan of some fast and wild single track.

And lastly, I collect and train in the use of shiny sharp pointy things. I collect swords, as well as train in their use and study their history. Naturally, these things aren't all of my life. I also game a lot, rock climb, attend a class or two every once in a while, listen to music, read, work two jobs, and enjoy time with my friends.

I live a full and enjoyable life.

Favourite Sites:
  • Hey, I read it for the Halo updates, Honest!

  • I can (and have been known to) fall out of my chair laughing at these videos.

  • A place to learn about swords instead of just swallowing what Hollywood and D&D feed us.

  • A place to learn about cardboard tubes instead of just swallowing what Hollywood and D&D feed us.

  • All good geeks must keep up to date.

  • All good gamers must keep up to date.

  • Accomplishments / Achievements: Well, I'm still alive, so that is a heck of an accomplishment... I've had combined heart and brain failure at least five times (possibly more, after the first few times it stops being important and you just sorta forget about it).

    Next up on the list of great accomplishments was getting the Herc code to work in UT2k3. We'd been told by Sierra brass that it simply couldn't be done in the unreal engine... I had the proof of concept code working in under two weeks. I am very proud of that.

    I'm not sure which I will be more proud of- graduating university, or finishing this mod... I mean, sure university will have taken 4 years of grueling effort, but I'm only an average student. What is so grand about graduating 103rd in your class? Now this mod, this is something on a scale few people are fortunate enough to be a part of. I am continually amazed by the work being turned out by the other members, as well as Trajan's inhuman ability to keep us all in-line and professional.

    Blurb: As we say when biking, �Just Giv'er�. If you want something, just try for it. You'd be amazed what you can do simply by telling all the nay-sayers to STFU and then giving it your all.

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