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Jim "Trinity" Carty Spotlight

Jim "Trinity" Carty

Posted by: Mhaddy on Wed Sep 14th, 2005 at 10:48 AM
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Name: Jim Carty

Moniker: Trinity. ( AKA HanZo and Frogstrangler )

Sex: not often enough!

Country of Residence: United kingdom (england)

Education: some!

How would we know you: i guess, mainly from my skinning work for the tribes2 community at the skinners guild!

Favourite Games: call of duty united offence, tribes2, half life 1-2, ghost recon.

Gaming Roles: depends on the game really. in TRIBES1-2 (clan matches) i was mostly defence, engineer as well as capper and mid offensive, in CODUO and GHOST RECON (multiplayer) im offence..

Gaming Rig(s): nothing specail really! nvidia, g-force 6600-GTOC, 640 (ish) ram, 1.2 gig amd.. (old machine)

Gaming Groups / Squads / Clans: i played tribes 1-2 for [WP] "Wolfpack" (UK clan, not the other american [WP] clan)

Favourite Sites: ohhh too many to mention... but mainly CG sites and concept art sites.. im a big fan of both!

Favourite Book: again so many, but mainly scifi.. heres a few from one of my fav author's, Excession, Consider phlebas and Look to windward. all by Ian M Banks (the culture roolz)... i also like alistair Reynolds, issac asimov, arthur c clark to name a few more..

Favourite Movie: again Sooo many good movies to choose from... Darkstar, Alien (the first one), the good the bad and the ugly, all the starwars films, casino, goodfellas, casino royal, momento, zor, the pianist, twelve monkeys, mars attacks, from hell, the wild bunch, the fifth element, die hard, saving private ryan, a bridge too far, the longest day, dogville, apocolpse now, leon, fight club, i could go on for ever lol...

Hobbies / Activities / Interests: CG, texturing, digital art, concept art, british and french graffitti, 1/35 scale modelling, cycling, motorsports.

Accomplishments / Achievements: not really an acheivment but anyway.... i got chatted up by boy george once! at george michael's end of tour party! that was a little scary!!

Blurb: one of my fav quote's "any problem can be solved with the proper application of high explosive!"

also, i have to say. i have loved the time ive spent working alongside the SS2845 guys, i have learnt alot and my work has improved tenfold as a result of this! im convinced these guys will go far!!

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