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DISCLAIMER: There may be spoilers ahead, if you do not want to run the risk of ruining the storyline or game setting, you'd better stop reading here. You have been forewarned!


In-depth Halo weapon strategies.

Title Views Submitted
S2 AM Sniper Rifle Handling 22691 05/11/2002
MA5B Assault Rifle Handling 15948 05/11/2002
M90 Shotgun Handling 14837 05/11/2002
M9 HE-DP Fragmentation Grenade Handling 10530 05/11/2002
M6D Pistol Handling 15802 05/11/2002
M41 LAAG Gatling Gun Handling 11322 05/11/2002
M19 SSM Rocket Launcher Handling 10856 05/11/2002
Plasma Turret (Shade) Handling 8198 05/11/2002
Plasma Rifle Handling 11422 05/11/2002
Plasma Pistol Handling 10494 05/11/2002
Plasma Grenade Handling 9872 05/11/2002
Needler Handling 13576 05/09/2002


Getting stuck on a level? Find a way around it here. Or you know, read about cool tricks. Additionally, check out the walkthroughs available at Bungie's Halo Level Guides on the official Halo site.

Title Views Submitted
The Maw: Thirsty Grunt Location 4343 10/13/2004
Temporary invincibility 8092 06/08/2003
The maw 6266 06/06/2003


Analyses of vehicle usage in Halo.

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