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Needler Handling
By: Mhaddy
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This unusual weapon takes a step off the beaten path. It fires blistering shards of shimmering purple glass that, upon contact, will catch and stick in most any target, bristling like a porcupine's quills. Nasty, you say? Not yet. Nasty comes after a short time delay, just long enough to get your victim screaming, at which point the needles will messily explode.

A fast firing weapon that has the helpful characteristic of firing homing shots - just get your crosshairs over the meat, and they'll track in no matter how much they flail. Not the most common Covenant weapon, but still relatively easy to supply with ammo - there's an awful lot of Covenant. A fairly large "magazine" and rapid rate of fire are pluses; the main drawback is a level of damage, needle-per-needle, that is comparably low. And the melee attack speed is so ugly that it should come with a disclaimer. Oh, and for kicks: like the Ripper of Unreal Tournament, the needles will deflect off of most hard surfaces. Produces interesting effects.

In all honesty, you may find yourself starting to wonder what the hell the needler is for... until you get to Legendary. And you discover that a single clip of needler fire, slotted into an Elite (whom otherwise would have caused you no end of headaches) will kill him dead, instantly. Just let loose, and duck back into cover; the homing mechanism is, it seems, located in the needles, not the gun.

Pros: Quick rate of fire, fairly large clip size, almost wholly silent, excellent accuracy.

Cons: Dismal damage, "large" clip amounts to approximately one clip=one enemy, disasterous melee speed, slow flight speed.

Usage: Good for long-distance situations if you have a nice close-in weapon to back it up. Handy for pummeling enemies in closed areas where they can't move; sometimes the best weapon in an otherwise seemingly hopeless situation.

For: True artists. You either love it or you hate it; if you can use it, it's beautiful, if you can't, it's pitiful. An acquired taste.
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