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Tribes 2 Strategy:
By: Jasio
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Here is a tip!

This tip may seem a bit obvious, but since I play Tribes 2 and nothing has been posted here about it I think its fair and right to tell you all.

THE most important thing into increasing your skills is PRACTICE. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, it may seem frustrating at times when others are better than you but you MUST be PATIENT. These two things; Practice and Patience are hard to keep up but they are essential in improving your Tribes 2 gaming skills.

I myself am a Tribes 1 and 2 veteran and I used this way to teach myself and thank to it I am in one of the best tribes ever in Tribes 1/2 history! Without the will to try again and again I would not have made it this far.

Another important aspect of the game is one on one combat. I find myself usually playing mid-field offense in CTF games because I dont have to be stuck with setting up turrets back at defense, or dieing constantly in vain as I try to cap the flag. Mid-field allows me to do what I do best, which is DUEL. The best way to learn how to duel is to find a server with excellent players (when I learned it was 5150 DUEL) and DUEL them. You may not be good at the beginning and it can be frustrating but I tried again and again until I was the one who dominated the DUEL server.

In conclusion, I would like to tell you playing by these two aspects; Patience and Practice may lead to a more fruitful and entertaining game in the long run. Dont expect to buy a game and be #1 right off the bat. Be calm, relax, its a GAME for god-sake! With time you will also become an excellent player and amaze your friends with your awesome skill :)
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