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M12 LRV Warthog
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Your trusty Warthog is back in Halo 2. The Warthog was one of the most exciting vehicles to drive in Halo: Combat Evovled, and will probably be even more exciting in Halo 2. Of course, in Halo: CE, all you could do was drive, while Marines manned the guns. But in Halo 2, you'll be able to gun down aliens while the Marines take you on a wild ride through Earth City.There are several new varations to the standard Warthog with a mounted M41 LAAG machine gun. In addition to a version with a mounted gauss rifle, there are 3 other variations. A camouflaged version of the Warthog features sandbag barriers to protect it's passengers, a M41 LAAG, and sand-paddle tires for traveling through deep sand and dirt. A very different version that will probably handle differently from the others is a white-camouflaged 'Hog with an enclosed cockpit, and 4 independent tread systems. This snow version does not have a weapon in the image, but undoubtedly the final version will feature either a M41 LAAG or rocket launcher. The fourth version that we have seen so far is a standard Warthog, minus the weapon. However, in the place of the weapon, seats and a roll cage have been added. The seats will probably hold 4 people, plus one person in the passenger seat up front, allowing you to transport a total of 5 Marines quickly. Overall, you will several versions of the Warthog at your hands in Halo 2 for you to choose from. Each will have its weaknesses and strengths, which will be added when more information becomes available.

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