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Hercs and tanks might get all the headlines and glory, but it's the grunts who end up with the truly dangerous job. The Imperial Infantry will work in conjunction with their mechanized brethren to combat any threats to the Empire. While not as glamorous, the infantry fills a position that is just as vital to the war machine.

Think of Human Infantry units as beefed up versions of the Human Pilot. What really separates the two is the fact that Infantry unit suit has advanced polymers that act as artificial muscles, giving the wearer increased speed, strength, and agility.

The above infantryman is a member of the Blood Eagle order of Knights. This Order exists for retribution and vengeance. These Knights believe in exacting ten enemy lives for each Knight lost in battle. Most of them are emotionally scarred burnout cases or the honor-wrecked, seeking death or a cleansing glory or both. Many engage in ritual mutilation of fallen enemies. No one joins this Order unless he or she has been through hell. Members often tattoo or scar themselves to make their appearance fiercer.
MOTTO: &quot;We are the Wrath of Heaven
BATTLE CRY: &quot;Carve 'em! Ten for one!&quot;

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