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Formal Rendering: The Imperial Order of Fireborn Knights
Motto: Ex medias flamma salus (From fire comes salvation)

At the end of the Starsiege the Imperial Knights, who had served as the vanguard of humanity's defense, were bereft of many of their number – including nearly the entire Order of the Furious Stars. In honor therefore of their sacrifice, most especially in the defense of the North American heartlands, that unit was retired at the end of the conflict and a new Order was christened to take its place.

The founding members of the Fireborn Order were composed of the few survivors of its ill-fated predecessor, and supplemented by a host of former guerilla fighters who won renown in the last defense of Earth. These tenacious defenders who held out against overwhelming Cybrid onslaughts in China, Inca-Brazil, and NorthAm, earned the respect of the Knights who came to relieve them when the tides of war at last turned in humanity's favor. The most skilled and experienced of these received field commissions as officers in the TDF, and when the fighting at last subsided many of the best pilots found themselves elevated to the status of Imperial Knights.

In the short time since their inception the Fireborn Knights have distinguished themselves as highly innovative and unpredictable warriors, capable of surmounting impossible odds and winning through to victory in spite of grievous losses. This dogged perseverance is a direct result of their creation in the crucible of the Starsiege, and though their history is still being written it is clear that their legacy will be one of unwavering endurance and determination.