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The Executioner chassis is a heavy assault chassis much like the Human Gorgon and Olympian models.  it was designed to accommodate massive firepower.  Despite the room for an X-Large engine, the chassis is slow; almost to the point of being sluggish.  The Executioner doesn't have to be fast, however.  When outfitted with a large sized shield generator, you can count on this chassis getting to where it needs to go.  Once it arrives at it's destination, the Executioner's firepower gives it the ability to cause unbelievable destruction.  This vehicle commands respect whenever and wherever it shows up.

ComponentsMount Size
Special 1:Large
Special 2:Large
Weapon MountsMount SizeLocation
Mount 1:X-LargeOuter Left
Mount 2:X-LargeOuter Right
Mount td>LargeInner Left
Mount 4:LargeInner Right

Tech Level: 8
Top Speed:  81 kph
Top Acceleration:  5 m/sec
Mass:  90 tons