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The Goad's lightning fast chassis makes it an ideal choice when designing a light strike and reconnaissance vehicle.  This extremely nimble frame is among the fastest and most maneuverable of all vehicle chassis you'll encounter.  Speed and agility aren't everything, however.  Eventually, the enemy fire does have a way of spoiling your fun.  To give the Goad an even chance to survive, you'll find it necessary to equip it with a powerful cloak and strong ECM suite.  The Goad should avoid contact with enemy vehicles whenever possible and stick to what it does best - conducting lightning strikes deep behind enemy lines.

ComponentsMount Size
Special 1:Large
Special 2:Small
Weapon MountsMount SizeLocation
Mount 1:MediumUpper
Mount 2:MediumLower

Tech Level: 3
Top Speed:  144 kph
Top Acceleration:  20 m/sec
Mass:  35 tons