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The Recluse was originally designed as an anti-vehicle mine-laying platform.  Although it still performs this function, the chassis has proven itself capable of performing other functions as well.  It's three weapon mounts gives it better firepower than the Bolo but the small sensors will limit it's effectiveness at long distances.  The overall mass of the Recluse us small considering the number of mounts.  This, more than anything else, will cause you to load the Recluse with mines instead of other types of weapons.

ComponentsMount Size
Special 1:Medium
Special 2:Medium
Special 3:Large
Weapon MountsMount SizeLocation
Mount 1:MediumUpper Center
Mount 2:LargeLower Right
Mount 3:LargeLower Left

Tech Level: 5
Top Speed:  115.2 kph
Top Acceleration:  20 m/sec
Mass:  40 tons