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This chassis reflects modifications done to the original design in an effort to overcome the Gorgon's main weakness: slow speed and poor acceleration. The Knight's Gorgon is somewhat faster but for practical purposes, the increase is insignificant. Despite the X-Large engine, this chassis lacks the ability to chase after enemy vehicles, even crippled ones. Like the standard Gorgon chassis, it is best used to conduct deliberate assaults. In this role, the Knight's Gorgon is virtually unstoppable.
ComponentsMount Size
Special 1:Medium
Special 2:Large
Special 3:Large
Weapon MountsMount SizeLocation
Mount 1X-LargeLower Left
Mount 2X-LargeLower Right
Mount 3LargeUpper Left
Mount 4LargeUpper Right
Tech Level: 8Top Speed: 99 kphTop Acceleration: 10 m/secMass: 80 Tons